CCTV Hikvision’s latest

Security breaches are not governed by the seasons or the weather, and certainly not by the time of day. They can occur at any time, and often under the cover of darkness. This is when traditional cctv, black-and-white security cameras with infrared lighting are unable to capture events clearly.

Hikvision has expanded its cctv with full-colour camera range with ColorVu technology. This offers a much better visual experience than traditional cameras. Providing accurately rendered colour images with balanced brightness at all times of the day or night. Now the camera range with ColorVu technology includes 4K cameras for UHD experience, and varifocal cameras for unparalleled clarity. These innovations allow organisations and local authorities to monitor outdoor or indoor spaces. Identify breaches as soon as they occur, and react in real time to protect employees and members of the public.


Boosting security with leading-edge technology

CCTV Cameras with ColorVu technology are able to capture high-definition, full-colour images in low light conditions because of two key technology breakthroughs: advanced F1.0 large apertures, and high-performance imaging sensors. The cameras also use a new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm to increase clarity at long range, and a soft and warm supplemental light guarantees colourful images even in zero-light environments.

The expanded camera range with ColorVu satisfies different customer needs, from high performance products to budget friendly choices, as well as smart solutions. For example, the range now includes a 4K camera that offers ultra-high-definition colour imaging during the day and at night. With better image quality and richer details, 4K cameras with ColorVu can be applied in a wide range of scenarios such as stadiums, airports, harbours, and car parks, where clear and high-resolution images are necessary.

Key applications for CCTV ColorVu cameras

The ability to capture clear, full-colour images 24×7 is useful for a wide range of indoor and outdoor scenarios. Examples include:

  • Security for outdoor spaces – especially streets and parks
    Lighting on streets and in parks is rarely uniform, and dark areas can increase the risk of crime. Cameras with ColorVu technology enable local authorities to record high-resolution, full colour video footage even in low-light conditions, which helps to increase security and enables much faster responses to incidents.
  • Improved perimeter protection for retail and logistics parks
    Perimeter protection is always a challenge for large retail and logistics parks. ColorVu technology, security teams can monitor the perimeter 24×7 and react to any breaches before assets are put at risk. Cameras with ColorVu can also be combined with other smart video technologies from Hikvision – including AcuSense vehicle and licence-plate recognition – to trigger automated alerts for suspected security breaches.
  • Asset protection for small businesses
    Small businesses around the world need to protect their assets, including vehicles left in driveways or on the street. Cameras with ColorVu technology are able to capture high-resolution, full-colour images 24×7. Security breaches can be recorded, and evidence passed on to the authorities – increasing the chance that assets can be recovered and that perpetrators will be brought to justice.
  • Increased security at building entrances
    High-resolution, full colour images can greatly enhance security at building entrances, which are sometimes unlit, or dimly lit. Even though cameras with ColorVu can record footage in extremely low light conditions. Teams often choose to turn on the cameras light as an additional deterrent to a break in or other incident.

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