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Are you looking to have CCTV installed in Cambridge? If so, we are premier installers of all types of CCTV in the area. Whether you are looking to protect your home and family or your business, you can count on our highly experienced and qualified locally based installers to ensure that you get the right system for you needs. Offering fast and flexible installations, 12 month warranties and a range of value added services all competitively priced, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us. Get in touch for your free quote and site survey today.

As far as cost is concerned we will give you a free quotation, and we will do our utmost to adapt a system to suit both your needs and your budget.

Crime rates are very low in Cambridge, and the only types of crime at appear to be more common are shoplifting and vehicle crime.

Shoplifting especially can be dramatically reduced by using CCTV Cameras and high profile signs. Not only does a would-be thief be put off by the cameras, any theft can be recorded and presented to Police as part of evidence against the criminal.

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Advice on CCTV selection

There are many types of CCTV options to buy and while we don’t recommend any specific brand or style, you may find the below advice useful if you are considering installing CCTV at work or home;

  • research the types of CCTV available and decide which type you feel is best for your home or business
  • decide whether you need your CCTV to be static or mobile and what type of recording method suits your needs
  • maintain your CCTV device regularly and ensure it is correctly placed for optimal recording
  • some CCTV devices may need good lighting for clear and quality recording, others may come with night-vision style recording
  • decide whether you would like a colour or black and white recording CCTV device
  • you may need to place a CCTV notification sign.

CCTV Installer Cambridge advice for businesses

Businesses often use CCTV to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. It also assists in police investigations where CCTV has captured criminal activity.

CCTV is an important part of policing and can be seen in shops, city centres and high streets around cities.

Businesses can also use CCTV to monitor and protect their building perimeters and office car parks.

Further guidance for using CCTV for your business is available on GOV.UK . 

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