Adding IP Surveillance

Changes in data protection regulations and licensing laws have triggered a massive increase in demand for CCTV in schools, factories, warehouses and large companies, it has even stimulated demand in the domestic sector.

The ease of use and cost savings associated with IP security was a massive opportunity for Dynamic CCTV and to take full advantage of this opportunity it expanded its product portfolio to capture a slice of the rapidly growing market.

The Need For Switches

Plugged In Comms ensures that Dynamic CCTV remains competitive by offering its customers exceptional customer service coupled with the latest innovations in security installation. The natural add on to IP security was PoE switches, to provide a flexible and low cost option for powering the cameras.

Every IP security system needs a solid, reliable and high performance network. As a trusted supplier, customers rely on us to
provide them with equipment that simplifies installations, increases flexibility and saves money at the same time. It makes strong
commercial sense for us to be able to provide simple plug & play equipment that forms the foundations of a network infrastructure, including PoE switches that can also power the IP cameras.

Rapid Install

The plug and play functionality in PoE switches means Dynamic CCTV
customers can save time and resources when it comes to the installation process.

There is no complex configuration process, so Plugged In Comms can deploy the security solution quickly, saving time and money for the end user and enabling us to complete more installations per day.
Thanks to compliance with industry IEEE standards, the switches can also easily be integrated on any network, ensuring compatibility and allowing a customised and scalable security network.